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   American NOVOUS , as an international first-class quality functional sportswear brands, 20 year was born in Manhattan, New York, USA fashion center, and then through the baptism of the sunshine of California.For a long time, through continuous product innovation, fully in accordance with the different characteristics of the sport and make scientific design, together with the international first-class fabric company has developed the most advanced, high function, the most comfortable fabrics, and add a bright beautiful fashionable element.Over the years, NOVOUS not only has become a choice of elite sports clothing, more love sports good taste of consumer groups.So far, NOVOUS has sales network all over the United States, Canada, eastern and western cities, and parts of Europe.


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    As an international high quality sport brands, the birth of NOVOUS actually quite by accident.Early generation in 90, the Manhattan in New York in the United States lived such a group of young people.They have received higher education, the different professions in New York, some involved in Wall Street's financial industry, have a plenty of middle managers of large companies, have a plenty of fashion designers, and engineers, accounting, teachers and so on.Their biggest have in common is that have a passion for sports.Early in the morning, many of them will happen to coincide to the morning run in central park lake;After work, they will go to the fitness room or yoga club;Weekend, they will also organize ride a bike to upstate New York on vacation, or do not regularly get together to play tennis, golf, is rich and colorful.In the process of participation in sports, the sports equipment, especially the sportswear is becoming more and more demanding.

   When, only cotton or polyester fabrics on the market of sportswear.Cotton, as a kind of natural material, although able to breathe freely, but not sweat quickly.So, sports wear cotton clothes. Once the sweat, a dress is like a piece of wet cloth glued to the body, not only uncomfortable, and continue to exercise in their soaked clothes, adverse to the body health also.If change to polyester uniforms, although a began to feel smooth, but sultry abnormality, very easy to sweat, his body temperature quickly, and there is no guide khan's function.So, a few people with lofty ideals decision in this group of young people, now that is not on the market, let we developed the real meet motion is required, with various kinds of functional sportswear is good for your health.

 Soon, the two of them have a passion for sports clothing designer, according to the characteristics of the cycling sports, on its own research and development success for cyclists car mat and 8 - cycling shorts, in his team after the trial, rave reviews, other cycling enthusiasts have also wants to order.However, due to the design of special cycling shorts, sewing difficulty is higher, at the beginning of the production quantity is not big, Manhattan was big and couldn't find a willing to undertake the production of cycling shorts.Then all the men to collect, this group of young people, act decisively clothing center is located in the west street in Manhattan, a building to rent a nearly 2000 - square - foot 15 floor the whole layer, set up their own research and development center and production base.After six months, the Manhattan r&d production base of more than 30 employees.

         "NOVOUS", from "new" in the Latin root, both the meaning of "innovation", also has created a "new" grand target of functional sportswear. NOVOUS's slogan is: NOVOUS - the NEW WAY OF LIFE.Is a new kind of life experience, for health movement.


For a long time, NOVOUS adhere to the brand concept of continuous innovation, and cooperation with the international first-class fabric company, successfully developed many pioneering functional fabrics.
That is commonly used in products such as NOVOUS AIR DRY quick-drying fabric, the fabric of the fiber cross section as the unique X, this structure has the very good capillary effect, can quickly remove sweat, make its spread and rapid evaporation, so that the people in sports keep DRY and comfortable, the clothes they will never like a wet dishcloth touchs in the body.This in many years ago, or flood the market for cotton clothes market, can say is a revolutionary creation.
And is commonly used in products such as NOVOUS ANTI - MOSQUITO MOSQUITO insect repellent material fabric, the fabric using extracted from natural plants mint glycol natural insect drive midge activation ingredients, study showed a significant drive midge effect, which has the function of this kind of fabric used in sportswear, related to the outdoor sports can help avoid mosquitoes when engaged in outdoor activities such as hate insect infestation, let you in fishing, or climbing a peaceful state.
NOVOUS the every function of the product launch, whether uv, windproof breathable, antistatic, antibacterial deodorant, healthy silver ions and far infrared technology, and so on, all follow the same idea: let activists more healthy, more comfortable, more beautiful.

NOVOUS success lies in the successful development of functional fabric skillfully combined with the characteristics of various sports, make the product functional with the uniqueness of each movement, thus creating the new high-tech era of sportswear design concept, unique in the market.
In terms of production technology, NOVOUS also bold innovation, in 1999 began trying to use the "four needles six lines" special technology to make sportswear.This new sewing technology make the product not only has the characteristics of the flat, thin, can reduce the movement when sewing interface of skin friction, and fastness is several times higher than normal sewing technology, at the same time can more effectively control the spread of elastic fabric.These advantages are other sewing technology.At that time, a Japanese "four needles six lines" locomotive to $40000 per set, dozens of times that of ordinary sewing machine, the company purchased 10 sets without hesitation, investment in research and development center was the first to test, to produce the "four needles six lines" technology of cycling shorts, by professional athletes after fitting, consistent response more comfortable, more intimate, more can withstand the sports wear.So, this product into mass production.NOVOUS company spending on vision of new technology research and development, rigorous focus on scientific attitude, and fully embody NOVOUS products to customers in the meticulous consideration, also become NOVOUS brand one of the main reasons for high customer loyalty.
NOVOUS product another attraction is its fashionable style and beautiful color.This is other sports brands.NOVOUS realize soberly, choose NOVOUS sports products are already know the movement, better quality of life of people.They pursue high quality and distinctive high-end products, different.Hence, the functional sex of the both is good for your health, and unique fashion, will become the important concept for NOVOUS brand.


    For NOVOUS with its loyal customer base, movement, has become almost synonymous with health.Spend money on sports, also is a kind of health investment, it of the meaning of life and longevity, cannot be measured by money.
When you are engaged in sports, are you looking forward to bring you health, away from the disease, eventually make you live longer.But if the improper selection of equipment and clothing equipment, not only cannot achieve the desired effect, sometimes are more likely to be harmful to the body.Engaged in sports, such as summer if dress in the sweltering heat dissipation, it is likely to suffer heatstroke.But if choose NOVOUS products of cool clothing, can make the temperature of the slow, to avoid the risk of stroke.So, choose NOVOUS sportswear, is responsible for the current health, is the longevity of the investment for the future.

        NOVOUS represent not only is the international first-class quality functional sportswear brands, is more healthy and positive life attitude, and the resulting quality, carefree, elegant way of life.Like the literal meaning of NOVOUS name, it strives to bring us new life idea, innovative product technology, product and high quality functional movement.NOVOUS brand culture, motivating followers of each NOVOUS products, to create a healthy and happy wonderful life.