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NOVOUS  Personalization strategy
Select creative design inspiration from now on......


1, choose products
You can either through NOVOUS website home page select any special products, can also be transferred to category pages (group customization or individual customization) click on the product selected.Then, you can be based on the semi-finished product or select an existing design inspiration began to custom design.
2, design the product
Once you have selected a product, after all of the steps, the complete custom design process can be entered into the phase of "view".At this point, you can return to change the previous design, or to contact our online customer service or email to us to modify the design of the center, or confirm the order
3, personalized product design
For most NOVOUS products, you can submit different combination of the letters, Spaces and Numbers, and personal LOGO, design to create a custom design personalized information - to convey your creative inspiration.Although we will accept the most personalized design, but due to some personalized design may involve NOVOUS has no right to use the other trademark, name, or a professional sports team athletes or celebrities name, we probably will not be able to achieve all the personalized design.In addition, some other personalized design may contain some discomfort and we think we product or we can't use the information in the product.Sometimes based on the above reasons, we have to decline some in other ways seems to be no objection to personalized design.If we can't accept your personalized design, your order will be cancelled, we will be by phone or email to inform to you.NOVOUS will reserve the right to cancel any submitted custom.After complete all custom steps, you can view your electronic effect
4, order products
Once you have to confirm the products, you can "go to checkout".Please follow the instructions to complete the order, after order confirmation, we will send you a confirmation letter, you need to
Acknowledge after signing back to us, we will arrange production, we will be with you within 2 to 3 weeks to deliver the products (except special indicate the goods).If you have any
Questions, please call 021-52302683 (fixed) LTD.We are very pleasure to help you complete the ordering process.