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Common problems
How to use NOVOUS gift card
When will I receive the goods
Can I modify and cancel orders online
How to return

How can I become NOVOUS member

You can be in NOVOUS website home page click "land/registration" click the new user registration, such as already have member account, can direct input account name, password and check code on your account.
How to comment goods
If you are a registered member, after landing, by searching or classification method to find the goods you want to comment, in the introduction page, click on the "click here to share your point of view" button, your comment.
Invoice system instructions
1, we issue an invoice for an order, when you will delivery together with goods received "NOVOUS delivery list".This is the only basis when you deal with return.
2, NOVOUS provides a "unified" Shanghai commercial retail invoices, the invoice will be sent with goods, the invoice issued by NOVOUS are normal machine receipts can be used as a unit to submit an expense account, the invoice by official, invoice issued by the authorized operator NOVOUS, affixed with the special invoice seal name as the name of the authorized operators.
3, order default invoice, the invoice payable to "personal", if you need to modify the invoice looked up, change the submit orders page and fill in the invoice, you need to NOVOUS uniform invoice content for "NOVOUS goods, cannot be modified. The amount of the invoice issued by the goods for actual payment amount, excluding freight.
How to fill in open and invoice?
1. If you fill in the invoice looked up information fill in error, the official mall cannot change the invoice
2. If you receive the invoice and fill in the content of your actual content or amount of goods and the actual amount paid, within one month of receipt date, please contact customer service to apply for reopen, according to the customer service to provide the address of the original invoice to return after 3 to 4 weeks after receiving the reopening of the invoice.
3. As you can when unpacking the case didn't receive the invoice, please contact customer service, and provide photos, order number, valid mailing address, zip code and the recipient's name, customer service will confirm make out an invoice and distribution situation, application such as confirmation can not make out an invoice to fill open, and use the express way or letters for your mail;If confirmed and sent out of make out an invoice, customer service will application will have one copy of the invoice stub form of make out an invoice after affix one's seal, use special delivery or ordinary mail way to send for you, general this class stamp copy Can be used as invoice lost to prove, can do an invoice for reimbursement.(fill open within one month after the validity of the application to sign for, lost application is valid for 10 workdays)
Whether I can receive the email notification?
Once your order has been issued, we will send you an email containing order confirmation number.The number can be used to track delivery status, shopping your basis and return the application, etc.
About the freight?
In the process of order confirmation, you choose the right after the provincial, municipal and district/county, the system will prompt you to choose shipping method and the related distribution fee standards.NOVOUS about freight related activities to NOVOUS activity notice shall prevail.
What are the cause of payment was refused?
1. Held by the bank card does not support the domestic payment;
2. Bank card is not yet open online payment function;

3. Bank card has expired or invalid, report the loss;

4. The remaining sum inside card is insufficient;

5. Input the bank card number or password;

6. Certificate number discrepancy;
7. The banking system data transmission anomalies
The above problems, please call contact with your bank card issuers, thank you.
Can buy size hit return?
To sell goods (except underwear and discounts), without the use of, commodities and commodity packaging is not damaged, without pollution, we will provide you with "no reason to return within 7 days" service.NOVOUS commitment from the client from the date of receipt of the goods receipt date (to) within 7 days, such as goods and packing in NOVOUS sell when the original state and complete accessories (tag not cut, unused, not washing), we will provide refunds service (not a quality problem not refund freight).
How can I track my order?
You can click the following link (at the top of the page "my orders" to the order processing the query website) to track your order.If you are a registered member, you only need to input the user name and password after the success of landing can query the order.
Can I cancel or modify orders online?
1. You can cancel at any time you create a state of "has been submitted and not paying order, such as order have arranged for the payment or delivery when you need to cancel, please contact NOVOUS customer service.(limited goods and custom goods does not support cancel the order after payment).
2. The order of the "on" state represents you buy goods has delivery, NOVOUS customer service can't cancel the order for you, after receiving the goods, you can contact NOVOUS after-sales customer service for "and" seven days without reason return (limited goods does not support return).

3. NOVOUS invalid automatically according to the following rules will be overdue orders: if we have not received your payment within 24 hours, the system will cancel your order, as a user account for the goods many times and long time not to complete the payment, cause NOVOUS malicious account for goods, there is reason to think that the user is NOVOUS shall have the right to cancel the user's not paying the order.

4. With limited goods order cancellation after 2 times, will not be able to order again.

5. You can create a state of "submitted" order support to revise the invoice looked up, detailed address (can't modify the provinces), and increase the contact phone number (only on the basis of the original phone number increase, cannot be modified).
Why can't I submitted order choose cash on delivery?
1. Please check your shopping car goods, whether there is limited and open to booking commodity, the goods will only be online payment, does not support cash on delivery.
2. Please confirm your order whether or not to use the gift card/coupon, the coupon will only be online payment, does not support cash on delivery.
3. Please contact online customer service, to provide you the detailed address: province, city, district, road, street, house number information, see whether is beyond the scope cod distribution.

Order problems?
If you have any order questions, please call or online customer service or send email to contact our customer service department.
How to determine whether online payment success?
1. After you complete the online payment process, system should prompt payment success;If there is no prompt payment system failure or success, you can through the phone, ATM, counter, or a variety of ways such as query log on to online banking, bank card balance, if the money has been deducted, contact online customer service query whether complete the payment.
Excess 2. If there is a credit card overdraft, passbook balance is insufficient, the workerpool lead to pay is not successful, please log on to "my NOVOUS", find the zhang did not pay successful order, to complete the payment.
How to refund?
1. Pay treasure, e-currency payment, credit card online payment, such as order, payment will be back to the original paypal account or payment card, submit, within 3 to 7 working days to account.
2. The payment cash on delivery orders, please contact online customer service to submit a refund information.Please be sure to press "* * * * *, * * province bank branch name, card number XXX XX" format for our bank information, submit within 7 to 15 working days to the account.
3. If mistakes are bank information, customer service will contact you by E-mail or telephone, and check the bank information again, resubmitted within 7 to 15 working days to the account.
What type of goods return NOVOUS receive?
1. NOVOUS commitment from the customer from the date of receipt of the goods receipt date (in), for what they sell (except limited commodities, underwear, discount), without the use of, goods and packaging in NOVOUS sell when the original state and with a complete (tags not cut, unused, not washing), no damage, no pollution, we will provide you with "no reason to return within 7 days" service.
Products with quality problems;Goods do not meet the expected requirement (size, color, material or personalization discrepancy)
2. In addition, all of the following requirements, we will accept return of the request:
Within 30 days, clothing: A sign for the cause of quality problems, such as: zipper damaged, clothes fall off compose ACTS the role of such serious situation
B, clothing: receipt within 30 days without serious line through clothing, deformation, color uneven dyeing, damaged and oily be soiled, or normal washing according to the requirements of washing label for the first time found that clothing serious decoloring, deformation

How do I return?
If you need to return goods, please contact our online customer service, according to the prompt after fill out the exchange form, mall after-sales will apply approval return for you, and send reply mail or telephone inform you as soon as possible of goods, the warehouse after receiving your return of goods, will check whether the goods return application standard, such as goods discrepancy will direct refused to return, such as eligible for standard, will notice after to arrange a refund or a replacement delivery for you as soon as possible.
Return time is how long?
Receipt within 7 days, (except limited commodities, underwear, discount) can apply to the mall for "no reason to return within 7 days" service, please make sure that goods without using, goods and packaging in NOVOUS sell when the original state and fittings is complete (tags not cut, unused, not washing), no damage, no pollution.
2. In the mall purchased goods caused by non-artificial quality problem: clothing/equipment within 30 days after purchase;
3. Custom classes, lingeries, limited or open to booking commodity and the commodity page indicate the don't support the return of goods, cannot enjoy "no reason to return within 7 days" service