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Return policy
Commodity quality judgment standards
Return process

7 days no reason to return

We provide perfect after-sales service, commitment from the customer from the date of receipt of the goods within 7 days of receipt date (to), such as for goods (except limited commodities, underwear, discount) have any not satisfied, we will provide no reason to return service.
Would you please confirm the return goods will not affect the second sales:
Without the use of;Goods and packaging in NOVOUS sell when the original state and accessories is complete;Tags are not cut, unused, not washing;No damage, no pollution.
Please submit an application via email:

In order to ensure a more timely processing of your application, please copy and paste the following form to word document or email body, complete and send to NOVOUS after-sales service mailbox

1.Please fill out the online payment order

order no.Can log in "my NOVOUS" to check the order numberReturn the goods
user nameYou at
To apply for the account name
  • product code
As much money can be separated by a comma ","
Application date
Return requestFor example, exchange or refundsizeditto
Return reasonFor example: the size is too big or quality reasonsNeed to change the commodity code
Contact name
Commodity code
Receiving phone numberMobile phone number:
Fixed (please indicate the area code) :
Receiving detailed address,Please fill in your detailed shipping address (provinces), to facilitate the needed goods we sent to youQuantity

2. The cod and remittance world online payment orders need to fill in the following information

Bank account information:A debit card refund: please according to "* * * province bank * * * branch name, card number XXX XX city" format, thank you
If it is 16 digits, please specify whether the gold card
The applicant's name
3. We will contact you within 2 working days, and inform you send back goods, after you receive the confirmation email can provide shipping address, according to the reply email will send the goods within 5 days.
4. The warehouse after receiving your return of goods, as soon as possible for you to handle a replacement delivery or a refund.
5. The refund way and time:
If you use cash on delivery or remittance when shopping online payment, NOVOUS after-sales will according to your bank account information, for your operating a refund, refund is expected time is 7 to 14 working days;Such as bank card payment for when you are shopping, NOVOUS after-sales will return to the original way back to your payment account within expected time refund for 3 to 7 working days.See how a refund > >