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.   Accounts management
Accounts management
Account management includes the following functions:

Edit profile

You can according to the mall, prompt content improve your personal information
Update your email address
If your email address has changed, please login NOVOUS website modification.When you change the email address, NOVOUS will give your new email address to send a confirmation email.You through the confirmation, the new email address will only take effect.
Change the password
You can according to the information prompt changes the member login password.
Management of receiving address book
You can set up multiple receiving information, please fill in accurately, you can set a default shipping information at the same time, in the process of each time you submit the order, NOVOUS will give preference to the default receiving information to arrange delivery for you.You can also delete unused goods address.

My order

You can log on to "my NOVOUS" view your recent order or order history.

Cancel the order

1. You can cancel at any time you create a state of "has been submitted and not paying order, such as order have arranged for the payment or delivery when you need to cancel, please contact NOVOUS customer service.(limited goods and custom commodity does not support payment after cancellation of the order)
2. The order of the "on" state represents you buy goods has delivery, mall is unable to cancel the order for you, you can contact with NOVOUS, after receipt of the goods after sales customer service to "and" seven days without reason return (limited goods does not support return)
3. NOVOUS invalid automatically according to the following rules will be overdue orders: if we have not received your payment within 24 hours, the system will cancel your order, as a user account for the goods many times and long time not to complete the payment, cause NOVOUS malicious account for goods, there is reason to think that the user is NOVOUS shall have the right to cancel the user's not paying the order.(limited goods payment time will be subject to commodity page tagging)
4. With limited goods order cancellation after 2 times, will not be able to order again.

My collection

You can at any time in the process of NOVOUS browse commodity to add favorite goods to favorites, suggest you buy your favorite goods as soon as possible, such as goods shelves under the frame of goods in your favorites will be empty.

My comments

Display all your comments published information at the mall.

Retrieve the user name and password
NOVOUS provide function of retrieving a user name and password, click on the member login page "retrieving user name" or "forgot password" link, according to the system prompt, mall will send your EMAIL address in the new user name or password.